Indiana Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Articles of Volume-2:Issue-4

 Research Article 

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  Damages of Noru Storms in Vietnam - Typhoon Actives on the East Sea

  Huong Chu Thi Thanh, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Tran Dinh Linh, & Nguyen Binh Phong

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2022; 2(4): 29-33

  Vol-2, Iss-4 (Jul-Aug, 2022)


 Research Article 

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  Clinical Study with Molecular Detection of Mycoplasma Bovis Pneumonitis in Imported African Breed Cattle in Abu Simbel, Egypt

  Ahmed M.A. Zaitoun, Doaa M.A. Salman, & Ahmed M.E.Y. Kounour

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2022; 2(4): 24-28



 Research Article 

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  Size Differentiation of Fingerlings of Two African Catfishes: Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus longifilis and Their Cross Breeds

  Gabriel Arome Ataguba, Paul Annune, & Friday Garba Ogbe

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2022; 2(4): 1-7



 Research Article 

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  Innovative Strategies toward Nigeria Growth and Development: Agricultural Perspectives

  Fadiji, T. O., Adebiyi, T. T., Sennuga, S. O., Adefope-Ajayi, A., & Fadiji, J.

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2022; 2(4): 20-23



 Research Article 

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  Mapping of Main Mosquitoes in Mogadishu - Somalia

  Jeilani Busuri Mio,Moktar Omar Sheikh Mohamed,Yusuf Oyow Osman,Mohamed Dhayib Abukar, Nur Yusuf Karama, & Omar Mo

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2022; 2(4): 8-19




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