Indiana Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Articles of Volume-4:Issue-6

 Research Article 

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  Reintegration Practice of Sexually Exploited Children in Zimbabwe: A Qualitative Analysis

  Trudy Nyakambangwe, & Dr Christopher Zishir

  Ind J human Soc Sci, 2023; 4(6): 14-21



 Research Article 

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  Exploring Experiences Encountered By Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) In Public Primary Schools in Harare, Zimbabwe

  Tendayi Lemeyu, Dr. Unice Goshomi, & Dr. Tendai Chikutuma

  Ind J human Soc Sci, 2023; 4(6): 6-13



 Research Article 

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  The Historical Significance of the Mongolian-Chinese Border Agreement


  Ind J human Soc Sci, 2023; 4(6): 1-5




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