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"I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts. " -Bill Gates

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Original Research Article

A report of original research which assesses the contribution of the research outcomes to the body of knowledge in a given area.

Review Article

An article that summarizes the recent understanding of a subject or topic by organizing the previously published articles rather than reporting new outcomes.

Book Review

Article that would literally criticize the content, way in which a book is written. It may be primary source, summary or scholarly review.

Conference Proceedings

It includes the published records of conferences, symposiums etc sponsored by different societies or organizations.

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Books & Papers

Indiana Journals

Indiana Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Abbr. Title: Ind J Multi Res ISSN(Online): 2583-3820 Publisher: Indiana Publications

Indiana Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Abbr. Title: Ind J human Soc Sci ISSN(Online): 2582-8630 Publisher: Indiana Publications

Indiana Journal of Arts & Literature

Abbr. Title: Ind J Arts Lite ISSN(Online): 2582-869X Publisher: Indiana Publications

Indiana Journal of Medical Sciences

Abbr. Title: J Med Sci ISSN(Online): XXXX-XXXX Publisher: Indiana Publications

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