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  Genocide of law - The neo-liberal neo-fascist dictatorship of the mafia in the court and prosecutor's office in Bulgaria - how since 2005, by order of the mafia, the judges of the SRS M.Georgieva, SGS Valkov, Boycheva, Yordanova and the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice and the SGS legalize the theft of private inherited properties from Capital municipality with mayors Sofianski, Borisov and Fandakova in the center of Sofia for 55 million euros, supported by the prosecutor's office, ministers of justice of the European Union and commission, France, Germany, and the European Court of Human Rights!

  Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva

  Ind J human Soc Sci, 2023; 4(9): 7-35


 Research Article 

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  Status of Women in India: a study through the ancient, medieval and modern day scenario

  Avirup Chakraborty, Debabrata Roy

  Ind J human Soc Sci, 2023; 4(9): 1-6



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