Indiana Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Articles of Volume-3:Issue-4

 Research Article 

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  Molecular Detection with Phylogenetic Analysis of Bovine Herpesvirus 1.1 in Pneumonic Lungs of Imported African Cattle Associated with Severe Signs of Bovine Respiratory Disease in Sohag Governorate, Egypt

  Ahmed M.E. Yousef, & Ahmed M. A. Zaitoun

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2023; 3(4): 10-20


 Research Article 

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  Importance of Utilization of Citrus By-Product Waste in Ruminant Animal Nutrition

  Alsaied Alnaimy Mostafa Habeeb

  Ind J Agri Life Sci, 2023; 3(4): 1-9




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